Click to enlargeCOLOR VIDEO CAMERA - WG-V400

The color video camera WG-V400 is especially designed for use with Panasonic Video Conference System. It incorporates two 1/2-inch CCD image sensor which gives you the the resolution of 450 lines horizontal and equipped with the flicker less circuit to be useful under the fluorescent light. Some of the functionsof this camera has can be remote controlled by using optionla Remote Controller WG-V511.

FEATURES: 1. Gen-lock capability

2. Available of Y/C video output signals

3. Flicker less capability

4. Selectable either of the Auto Tracing White Balance (ATW) or the Auto White Balance Control (AWC)

5. Selectable video gain from 0 db/6 db/9 db

6. X 10 power zoom lens as a standard option

Availability: Usually ships the next business day.