Click to enlargePanasonic AG-6740 SVHS Time Lapse Recorder

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The AG-6740 recorder is VHS and S-VHS compatible. The time-lapse recorder is built using a steel chassis with brushless direct drive motors and without belts for tape transport. Tape tension shall be controlled electronically. The recorder has a built-in automatic head cleaner. The time-lapse recorder delivers a horizontal resolution of more than 400 lines in color and 400 lines in black-and-white (S-VHS). The AG6740 recorder provides on-screen programming, and be programmable without a camera connected and shall provide limited programming on a built-in display without a video monitor. The recorder has video heads for high density recording. 24-hour recording mode shall provide no less than 11.9 fields/sec. rate of recording. The recorder has a time-lapse recording capability of 960 hours and intermittent, 1-shot recording capability of up to 900 days on a T-120 cassette. The time-lapse recorder shall have 5 alarm recording speeds and an alarm search feature. The built-in time/date generator shall have a 7-day timer and battery back-up of 30 days in case of a power failure. The time-lapse recorder has wire terminals for alarm in, alarm out, alarm reset, tape-end out, warning out and 1-shot operation. The time-lapse recorder has a record lock feature for security or unwanted tampering. The recorder has connectors for video, audio, camera switchers and other video equipment. The recorder is capable of controlling the timed switching on a sequential switcher. The time-lapse recorder has a record review feature for instant operation check. The recorder has an electronic hour meter and a precise CTL-type tape reading counter