Click to enlargePanasonic AG-RT650 time lapse VCR

The AG-RT650  has standard 8-hour VHS recording and provide 24-hour and 40-hour time-lapse recording. Another feature is audio recording in both time-lapse modes. Even with power switched off, or when the unit is set to the Stop position, Emergency Recording shall automatically start as soon as an external alarm signal is received. If an alarm signal is received during Time-Lapse, the AG-RT650 automatically switches to Alarm Recording in the previously set mode (8-hour). The AG-RT650 also provides an alarm. The Alarm Search/Recall feature shall find the latest of Alarm Recordings, and switch to Pause. Alarm Recall shall allow you to check the date and time of the last six alarms recorded by using the on-screen display. When the Summer Time button is pressed, the time shall advance by one hour, and when pressed again shall return to normal. Additional features shall include: Auto Alarm Reset, Daily and Weekly Timer Recording, External Timer Recording, Auto Repeat Recording/Auto Rewind, 1-Week Timer Back-up, Built-in Time-Date Generator, (AG-A11) Optional Wired Remote Control, Dual Mode Record Lock Function, LCD with Back Light, Hour Meter, Camera Switching Output, Auto Off Output and Tape End Output. Horizontal resolution shall be 230 lines (color),  300 lines (monochrome). The AGRT650 features a 4-video head system and high speed FF/REW (3 min/T-160 tape). The time-lapse field recorder shall feature
Auto Head Cleaning, Noiseless Still and Forward/Reverse Field Advance.
  • Multi-function real motion time-lapse VCR with advanced Z mechanism
  • Incredibly simple operation with on-screen display of mode setting
  • Has 8, 24 and 40-hour recording modes, with real-time playback including audio
  • One-week timer backup and power failure recovery recording
  • Dual Rec lock/tape remaining indication/tape end alarm for reliable recording
  • Record repeat entry indication and blue screen display when not recording
  • One-touch/alarm/programmed/repeat and external timer recording modes
  • Record review function, with noise-free stills
  • Quick, accurate shuttle search and fast FF/REW times
  • Alarm search and recall
  • Rec input/output, with camera switched/auto-off output
  • High-band recording with 300 lines of horizontal resolution in color, and over 300 in monochrome

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