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S-VHS/S-VHS ET Time-Lapse Video Cassette Recorder The Panasonic AG-TL950 brings a new level of cost performance to high-quality time-lapse video recording. With a wide range of advanced features and recording modes, its versatility meets a broad range of applications. Adding to S-VHS ET, the AG-TL950 makes it possible to take advantage of S-VHS's proven high-quality recording capability. With a resolution of more than 400 lines, the AG-TL950 can record up to 960 hours on either S-VHS or VHS tapes.

S-VHS High Picture Quality
The S-VHS format ensures a much higher level of color fidelity and picture quality than conventional VHS. Thanks to the S-VHS format, horizontal resolution is higher than 400 lines in recording and playback, even in the 24-to-960-hour time-lapse modes and the still playback mode. When using the composite video terminal, Y/C separation circuitry assures 400 lines of resolution.

S-VHS ET Recording
AG-TL950 is also equipped with S-VHS ET (Expansion Technology). It allows you to record high-resolution S-VHS signals on HG VHS tapes for horizontal resolution of more than 400 lines (even in the color mode). Images are clear and sharp enough for accurate surveillance. With clearer, shaper images, improved still and slow motion picture quality as well as improved dubbing performance, this affordable high resolution recording system gives you the tools you need to analyze recorded images in much greater detail.

Wide Variety of Recording Mode
A wide variety of recording modes give the AG-TL950 the versatility to meet the broadest range of applications. Recording times are selectable from 2H (SP)/6H(EP), L12H/ L24H (Linear Slow mode with Audio), L18 (Real Motion mode with Audio) and 24H/48H/72H/84H/120H/168H/240H/480H/ 960H (Time-Lapse mode with SP head, or High Density mode with EP head) when an T120 tape is used.

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