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Panasonic AJ-D455P DVCPRO Recorder AJD455P $2999.00

The AJ-D455 is the first DVCPRO VTR to offer DV-format recording.
Recording and playback are possible with both standard and Mini-DV
cassettes for cost-effective, extendedtime applications. The new AJ-CS455
Mini-DV cassette adaptor is provided as a standard accessory. The AJ-D455
also plays back DV camcorder tapes.In both recording and playback, a
cassette detection function automatically selects the proper mode
for the type of cassette loaded.

Full Digital Interfaces
Digital Audio: Equipped with AES/EBU digital audio in/out (BNC connector)
SDI In/Out: Serial digital interface (video/audio, SMPTE259M-C/272M)
in/out capability with the optional AJ-YA455P board
IEEE1394: Input/output of IEEE1394 (FireWire) possible with the optional
AJ-YAD455P board. Automatic DVCPRO/DV conversion function allows
IEEE 1394 interfacing while recording or playing back DVCPRO
to or from a DV machine. Ideal for back-up recording with a DV
camcorder or for uploading/downloading of digital video
with a Windows or Macintosh PC.

AJ-D455P $2,999.00