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Panasonic AW-PH350P Indoor Pan and Tilt Head for AW-RP605 Camera and P/T Controller, price $1700.00

  • Designed to work with AW-E300/600/800A box cameras
  • 50 pre-set positioning memories when controlled by PC
  • 10 Pan/Tilt Tracing Memories (addressable by AW-RP605)
  • Simultaneous control by PC and dedicated controller
  • 1000 meter maximum distance from AW-RP605 controller
  • 95 degree tilt angle
  • 300 degree panning range
  • 25 degrees per second maximum pan speed
  • 10 degrees per second maximum tilt speed
  • Positioning accuracy of 5 minutes
  • Quiet operation suitable for classrooms, meeting rooms, etc., (less than NC30 noise level)
  • Smooth starts and stops with Soft Landing control
  • Requires AW-PS300 Power supply
  • 8.8 lbs. Maximum load

"B" stock category, with original box and accessories, 90 full warranty


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