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Panasonic Rear View System: Camera + Monitor

For cars, trucks, vans and other vehicles

Comes with original box, accessories and 90 days full warranty. Camera is without mounting bracket.

The Panasonic rearview TV System GP-RV110 consisting of rearview camera GP-RV201AFL and driver's monitor GP-RV112, significantly reduces dangerous blind spots. The rearview camera and driver's monitor have been developed exclusively for large cars, trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles.



Rearview Camera GP-RV201

  • 112" Interline Transfer CCD Image Sensor with 422(H) x 489(V) pixels.
  • 300 lines of horizontal resolution.
  • 0.5 foot candles (5 lux) of minimum illumination.
  • 40 dB of signal to noise ratio.
  • Wide rearview field of vision by newly developed wide angle lens f.= 3.Omm, F1.4.
  • High resistance to image burning.
  • High resistance to effects of shock and vibration.
  • Single coaxial cable connection enables easy

Driver's Monitor GP-RV112

  • Easy-to-see Screen: 7" non-glare screen
  • Automatic Brightness Control (ABC) to compensate for ambient light.
  • Remote STANDBY/ON control by reverse position signal
  • Manual STANDBY/ON mode selection
  • Compact designed 7" B/W monitor enables to fit almost anywhere.

Camera cable with metal BNC connector and monitor power and control cable.


"B" stock item , with 90 days full warranty. With operating manuals and all cables.



Panasonic Rear View System