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Panasonic Internet Video Streaming WJ-NT204 price $2300.00

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Supports PC-based monitoring via a LAN / WAN or the Internet • Easy monitoring with a conventional browser • Overcomes time and location constraints, and can also be used as a tool for information service and other applications • Allows you to choose the monitoring style that best fits your objectives and applications

  • High Quality Video / 30 fps – Maximum 1Mb/s video transmission
  • Multiple transmission over 100BASE-T/10BASE-T Ethernet Network
  • Automatic Alarm Dialing(8 inputs)
  • Alarm Logs(100 items)
  • Sequential Image transmission up to 5 cameras
  • Call log
  • Unified Data Control - Easy connection to AVSD’s CCVE Products, PSD Protocol, Aux. PC control
  • Transparent serial data for Aux equipment control
  • Remote Maintenance / Remote Setup


"B" stock category item. In perfect working condition, meets all factory specifications. 90 days full waranty.

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