Click to enlargePanasonic POD-7C Outdoor Dome Housing for dome Cameras

The POD-7C is designed for the Unitized Surveillance Device WV-CS854, WV-CS554, WV-CS564. The housing shall be constructed of UV stable white plastic, steel and acrylic. The lower dome portion shall be constructed of distortion-free acrylic and be 7" in diameter. The housing shall include a camera mounting bracket that integrates a heater, blower, video and power surge protector capable of clamping differential mode voltage between 24-36V and common mode voltage from 54-72V. A ground isolation transformer, Panasonic Model PWBT1621, shall be available as an option. The POD7C supports a temperature range of -20 to 120F. The housing shall include an integral fitting compatible with standard 1/2" pipe suitable for outdoor pendant mounting.

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