Click to enlargePanasonic WJ-SX550C Card Cage, Matrix System 500

The Matrix System 500 CCTV switching and control system is engineered with the latest advancements of microprocessor and LSI (Large Scale Integrated Circuitry) technology. It integrates Panasonic's extensive line of CCD cameras, time lapse VCRs, monitors and peripheral products into a comprehensive CCTV system. And, it also enhances each unit's performance with system control sophistication. All control, video, and timing signal (VD2) are multiplexed over a single coaxial cable allowing synchronization for most Panasonic CCD cameras. It allows you comprehensive and reliable viewing and recording to capture critical events. Matrix System 500 can fully control integrated camera devices such as the WV-CS854A/CS554 and all the on-board electronic functions of Panasonic's intelligent CCD cameras: WVCP460/CP240 and WV-BP550 Series. A built-in cable compensation circuit for every input channel provides high quality picture, control and synchronization up to 3,000 ft with RG-59/U cable (Belden 9259 or equivalent). The single coaxial cable concept results in significant savings through reduced material and labor costs. The extensive programming capabilities include versatile camera sequencing, alarm modes, time/date event scheduling, password protection, operator's access level, priority, and system partitioning. The Matrix System 500 consists of the main unit WJ-SX550C and the system controller WV-CU550C. It's modular construction enables expansion of up to 64 camera inputs and 16 monitor outputs. Utilizing the optional WJ-AD550 card cage, system expansion of up to 128 camera inputs is possible. The on-screen graphic menu programming, enables real time system status and, user-friendly operations. VCR control includes time/date synchronization, alarm control and camera sequence corresponding to time-lapse modes. The Matrix System 500 can also integrate external devices such as computers, printers and alarm input devices.

Basic, ready to use set includes 8 cameras input card, 4 monitors output card, controller card and a main board.

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