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Panasonic WJ-SQ508 Color Quad for Security Systems and monitoring, price $250.00

In perfect working condition, like brand new, original box, operating manual and 90 days full warranty.

With the use of multiple (up to 8) units in a master/slave configuration, the sequential switcher shall provide switching of up to 64 cameras. It also shall provide remote control capability, when used with optional WV-CU300 System Controller.

The unit shall feature 2 switching modes. In Mode 1, conventional sequential camera switching is performed, while in Mode 2, each individual camera's pause time can be programmed, between 0 and 30 seconds, using on-screen programming. The unit shall include an adjustable fast scanning/frame switching feature that can feed between 2 and 12 frames per camera to a video recorder during an alarm condition. This shall enable recording of a picture from all 8 cameras at a rate of nearly twice a second during an alarm. The sequential switcher shall also feature a conventional alarm mode, in which sequential switching is stopped, and an individual camera is linked to the recorder and/or monitor. With on-screen programming, a built-in alphanumeric titler shall allow easy superimposition of a name or location from each camera, to simplify camera site identification. To protect programming, the unit shall feature password entry, with an on-screen menu for setup and programming. Another feature of the unit is its cable-loss compensation. The unit shall be 19" rack-mountable. The power source shall be 120VAC, 60Hz. The unit shall be UL listed.



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