Click to enlargePanasonic WJ-MP204C Data Multiplex Unit, $270.00

The Panasonic WJ-MP204C Data Multiplex Unit allows for the remote control of multiple surveillance systems. The WJ-MP204C can operate up to four (4) camera functions, alarm setting and other system components with Panasonic's Video Multiplexers, the WJ-FS309 / FS316 by using Panasonic Security Data ( ) link mode. Connecting up to four (4) WJ-MP204C Data Multiplex Units in daisy chain connection allows expansion of the systems to include up to 16 cameras. The Panasonic WJ-MP204C Multiplex Unit provides a cost-effective solution for your surveillance application.

Basic function

Four (4) camera inputs and selection.

Operate the camera function and setup.

Alarm resetting and suspension.

Built-in two (2) way data communication modes for suite system application. 

Panasonic Security Data link mode for Optional System Controller WV-CU360C and Video Multiplexer WJ-FS309 and WJ-FS316.

Camera Communication Data mode for Matrix Switcher WJSX350, or Matrix System500.

"B" stok category item (fully functional), with 90 days warranty.

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