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Panasonic WJ-MP404 Data Multiplex Unit for Pan Tilt mechanisms and genlock source, price $240.00

In perfect working condition, original box, operating manual and 90 days full warranty.

The unit offer 4-channel multiplex of data supplied from a system controller such as the WV-CU300 (optional), onto the video signal. In addition, the unit multiplex the vertical timing pulse onto the video signal, providing vertical genlock for roll-free switching. The unit feature control data separation, and in a master/slave system configuration unit provide control of up to 64 cameras. 

  • 4-channel multiplex control signal encoder/decoder

  • Vertical drive synchronization over coaxial cable (for WV-BP120/BP310/BP510/CP220/CP410/CP610/CL350 series cameras, and WV-CS604A/CS404/BS304 integrated camera devices)

  • Built-in cable compensation for each camera input


  • Camera In 1-4 (BNC),

  • VD/VS In (BNC),

  • VS In (BNC).


  • Video Out 1-4 (BNC),

  • VD/VS Out (BNC),

  • VD Out (BNC).

  • In/Out: Data In/Out (BNC).

Features include Control switches and VR: Power On/Off, Unit No.: 1-8, Channel Select SW: 1-4 ch/5/8 Ch, Cable Compensation: SW 1-4, Data Clock SW: SND/RCV. The unit shall be rack-mountable. The power source is 120VAC, 60Hz. The unit is UL listed.

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