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Panasonic WJ-HD100 Digital HDD Video Time Lapse Recorder

Panasonic proudly introduces the WJ-HD100 digital surveillance recorder equipped with a 40GB hard disk for image storage. WJ-HD100 takes surveillance systems to a new level of ease and effectiveness, with hard-disk benefits including high durability and elimination of image degradation caused by repeated recording and reproduction, ultra fast writing and retrieval, and easier media management-no need to change or file cassettes. Additional features include motion detector, time & date display, remote control from a PC, and alarm-driven image capture. The *CompactFlash card slot makes it easy to transfer images to other digital devices. All of these features are combined in a single, compact unit-a digital surveillance recorder whose cost-performance is extraordinary.

Key Features
High quality picture by DIGITAL recording.
Built-in 40GB HDD.
Max. 960 hours (approx.) recording capability.
Five(5) way compression modes (Super Fine / Fine / Normal / Extended and option)
Built-in *CF (CompactFlash) Card slot for browsing the recorded pictures to PC.
Built-in Motion Detector function.
Built-in Time & Date generator.
Easy access picture search function for speedy checking.
Up to 16 units WJ-HD100 as series connection for long time recording.
Remote control by PC with RS232C devices, and RS485 chain by PS-data link.
Various alarm mode setting.
Easy installation and operation.
1H (height) compact design.

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