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Panasonic WJ-SX150 Matrix Video Switcher, 16 cameras, 4 monitors

The WJ-SX150 matrix system features a 16 x 4 cross point configuration that is ideal for small system applications that require advanced switching capabilities. The WJ-SX150 provides for WV-CU360C terminal mode and PS-DATA link communicates between WV-CU360C and WJ-SX150 with mode presets for PS-DATA connected to other Panasonic equipment.

The WJ-SX150 Matrix Switcher features 16 camera inputs and 4 monitor outputs in a 16 x 4 cross point configuration that allows the connection of analog or digital recorders without sacrificing any of the primary outputs. Four RS485 modes are configurable for use as inputs for controllers or as outputs for Panasonicís Unitized Cameras if not utilizing the "up-the-coax" control protocol. In addition, the WJ-SX150 incorporates PS-Data for fast and enhanced control of Panasonicís digital and analog recorders, multiplexers, unitized cameras and controllers.

Additional features of the WJ-SX150 Matrix Switcher include: up the coax control for all 16 channels; up to four controllers with remote switcher control; password protection with user access levels; 16 alarm inputs with memory; programmable tour, group and sequence switching; timer event programming; cable compensation up to 3000 feet; built in video loss detection; 16 channel multiscreen display; pan, tilt and zoom control.

A 17th input and 5th output is provided for recorder input switching and viewing. This makes the WJ-SX150 a complete security center control system, and does not take away a single input or output allowing for full use of the 16 X 4 capability.

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"B" stock category item, with 90 days full warranty.