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Panasonic WJ-FS309 Monochrome B/W 9 inputs Duplex Multiplexer

The Panasonic WJ-FS309 digital duplex monochrome 9-channel multiplexer incorporates high performance, multifunction operation that allows for outstanding flexibility. Digital image processing provides a high picture quality of 720 x 480 pixels, along with multiple functions such as multiscreen monitoring, multiplex recording alarm capability, video loss detector, title display, still, and electronic zoom.

Digital duplex system

High picture quality of 720 x 480 pixels

Multiplexed video signals are supplied to the recording out

Playback image can be displayed in the multi or full screen via monitor output

The full screen image can be zoomed in two (2) times for playback

Sequence mode up to 9 steps with dwell times

Versatile alarm capability

Built-in alphanumeric title display

On-screen setup menu

1H (height) compact design

"B" stock category item, with 90 days full warranty.

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