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Panasonic WJ-MS488 Quad, Color 8 Inputs, 2-Page, 720x484 Pixel, Real Time Refresh

"B" stock category, with original box and 90 days full warranty.


The Panasonic WJ-MS488 color quad unit is designed for CCTV applications where multiple surveillance cameras are required. Most 2:1 interlace cameras available today, either color or black-and-white, are compatible with the WJ-MS488. Up to 8 cameras may be connected to the system, and if desired, the monitor can be divided up to 9 windows (3 x 3) for simultaneous display of the 8 different images.


For more information please download this ADOBE ACROBAT document - CLICK HERE



- Advanced digital processing technology allows connection of most 2:1 interlace cameras without the requirement for synchronization of the 8 video input

- May be added to existing security systems and makes possible displays in black-and-white or full color

- Title insertion of up to 8 characters in each of the 4 or 9 windows

- Can be combined with alarm sensors and switches as well as time-lapse VCRs through the alarm output and reset signal connectors

- Upon receiving an alarm signal, a full-sized picture of the site is displayed

- By setting the "cam title on" and "alarm title on" modes from the title setup menu, "alarm" and the window title will appear intermittently in the picture

- Automatic alarm reset time is adjustable from 130 sec., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 min. or off

- A borderline can be inserted in the quad or 3 x 3 pictures by setting "border on" from the system setup menu

- Video out: a quad, 3 x 3, or full-sized single picture (same as REC out) can be selected with the front panel switches

- VCR out: a quad or 3 x 3 display is always supplied by setting the VCR out menu.