Panasonci WV-BP120 B/W CCTV Camera with Auto Iris control

Price  $50.00

  • 380 TV lines
  • 0.15 lux. 
  • C/CS mount.
  • Automatic Iris control

  The Panasonic WV-BP120 solid-state CCD black and white camera series incorporated 1/3" interline transfer CCD (290,000 pixels) with a minimum illumination of 0,11 lx at Fl.2. Combining Panasonic's reliable state-of-the-art technology with a supersensitive 1/3 " CCD chip results in a general purpose camera, at an economical price. These cameras feature electronic light control (ELC) which allows the use of inexpensive fixed iris lenses and ALC function which operates both indoors and outdoors. The WV-BP120 series cameras is an excellent choice for cost-effective systems.

"B" stock category item, with 90 days full warranty.