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Panasonic WV-CP470 Camera SDII 1/3" CCD Color DSP WVCP470

Always on the job, these cameras automatically switch from color, in daytime, to high sensitivity black and white at night. With full 24-hour surveillance capabilities, features include, motion detection and error free title displays. With 480 lines of horizontal resolution, in color mode, and 570 lines in black and white, the WV-CP470 Series defines high definition. It can operate in color mode at 0.8Lx (0.08 fc), using a F1.4 lens. In black and white mode sensitivity is an amazing 0.1 Lx (0.01 fc). Plus, its linear sensitivity can be electronically enhanced up to 32 times. With Super Dynamic II capabilities, the WV-CP470 Series make it possible to obtain clear images of subjects in extreme lighting conditions. A built-in alarm output terminal makes connection to an extreme sensor a snap. Indoors, outdoors and under the toughest conditions, the WV-CP470 Series provides constant and reliable surveillance. 

Built-In Super Dynamic II function has 64 times wider Dynamic Range when compared to a conventional camera.
Super Sensitivity of 0.8 Lux at Ff1.4 in Color Mode, and 0.1 Lux at F1.4 in B/W Mode
480 Lines of Reslution in Color Mode and 570 Lines in B/W Mode.
Signal to Noise Ratio of 50dB
ELC Function Enables the Use of Fixed Iris Lens for Indoor Applications
Built-in Alarm Output Connector For External Sensors
Built-in Digital Motion Detector
Electronic Shutter from 1/60 to 1/10,000 sec.
Electronic Sensitivity Enhancement (Auto; up to 10x, Manual; up to 32x, and Off)
Gen-lock Connector for Large System Applications
VD2 Sync Capablity with Panasonic System Products
Accepts AC 24V


"A" class item

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