Click to enlargePanasonic WV-RC550 controller Camera Control Unit

Camera control functions

Switch: gain up, gain selection, night eye, color bar/camera, detail correction switch, cable compensation switch, auto white/auto black setting, white balance, scene files, electronic shutter switch, lens iris select, gen-lock sub carrier phase coarse adjustment.

Adjustment: RB gain, RB pedestal, total pedestal, lens iris adjustment, gen-lock horizontal phase, gen-lock subcarrier phase fine adjustment, Y gain adjustment, cable compensation Y/chroma level, intercom audio level.


Composite and Y/C signal are offered with this unit.

Can remotely control a variety of convertible camera settings, switching, and make precise adjustments.

Connecting with an RCU cable (AW-CA50A26), camera settings, switching, and adjustment are remotely controlled.

Equipped with tally/intercom, AUX (for line view) inputs, contact-closure type camera mount control input terminal (15-pin D-sub).

Maximum control distance: 328ft(100m).


Power Supply: AC 120V(P)/ AC 220-240V(B/G) Power Consumption: Approx. 56 W

Dimensions: 16-1/2"(W)X3-7/16"(H)X9-13/16"(D)(420(W)X88(H)X250(D)mm)

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