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Panasonic WV-CL920 Low-Light, Ultra-Sensitive Camera CCTV, 110V, price $410.00

Panasonic introduces the WV-CL920 series surveillance cameras equipped with both color and B/W modes automatically, or manually.

The WV-CL920 series cameras switch automatically from color, for daytime use, to ultra-sensitive B/W for night time surveillance. Minimum light intensity for color mode is 0.3 lx at F1.4, and 0.02 lx at F1.4 for the B/W mode. With a sensitivity enhancement of up to 32x at automatic mode, full color surveillance in light as low as 0.01 lx can be obtained.

When combined with an infrared light source, these cameras, in their B/W mode, can be used in extremely low light conditions.  Applications may include highway, tunnel, parking lot and town center surveillance - the list is only limited by your imagination


1/2-type interline transfer CCD
Switches from selected colour mode to B/W mode
Super sensitive of 0.3lx at F1.4 in colour mode
480-line horizontal resolution in colour mode
ELC function enables the use of fixed iris lens
Built-in digital signal processing LSI's
Built-in digital motion detector
Built-in 16 alphanumeric character display
Electronic sensivity enhancement (Auto/Manual/Off)
Electronic shutter
VD2 sync capability with Panasonic system products
Gen-lock capability


Pick-up Device

762 (H) x 582 (V) pixels, Interline Transfer CCD

Scanning Area

6.45 (H) x 4.84 (V) mm (Equivalent to 1/2 Tube)


625 lines/50 fields/25 frames

Scanning System

2:1 Interlace


Internal, Line-locked, External (VBS/VS), or Multiplexed VD2 Selectable

Video Output

VBS 1.0 [p-p] / BNC Connector

Horizontal Resolution

480-line at Colour mode, or 570-line at B/W mode

Minimum Illumination 

0.3 lx at F1.4 (Colour mode), or 0.02 lx at F1.4 (B/W mode)

S/N Ratio

50dB at AGC off

Character Display

16 Alphanumeric characters

Motion Detector

On/Off selectable

Electronic Sensitivity Up

Off, Auto

Electronic Light Control

Equivalent to continuous variable shutter speed

Power Source

110V AC

Power Consumption 



74 x 65 x120mm


450g (without cables

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