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Panasonic WV-7225 Pan Tilt Mechanism for Cameras, price $599.00

In perfect working condition, original box, operating manual and 90 days full warranty.

The indoor pan and tilt mechanism WV-7225 is ceiling mounted or inverted for bracket mounting. The connected camera pan on an angle from 20 to 340 at a speed of 6.6 per sec. and tilt from 45 up to 45 down at 3.3 per sec. Load weight less than 6.6 lbs. The unit provide manual panning, auto panning and random panning. The unit receive its power (24VAC 60Hz) and control signals from an indoor receiver (WV-RC100) and system controller (WV-CU254). When using the direct controller (WV-7330) no receiver shall be required.

Technical specifications sheet: CLICK HERE

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