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Panasonic WV-BP50 Single Wire Black & White Camera CCTV

Power and video signal goes in the same cable to the camera drive unit such as WV-PS11 or WV-PS104

"B" stock category, 90 days full warranty. The lens is not included.

In combination with an optional F1.4 lens, the WV-BP50 can obtain a minimum illumination of 0.08 lx (0.008 fc), virtually doubling its standard sensitivity. This camera is capable of capturing a clear image under extremely low light conditions, thereby offering a great improvement in monitoring capability. Equipped with an Electronic Light Control (ELC) backlight correction function, the image is clear and well defined, even in locations with extreme lighting conditions. Using a single coaxial cable that connects the WV-BP50 camera to its exclusive power supply unit or to its exclusive monitor, installation is simplified.

- 1/3-type CCD pick-up element with 512 (H) x 492 (V) pixels provides a high 380 lines of horizontal resolution.

- High sensitivity of 0.08 lx (0.008 fc) at F1.4, 0.04 lx (0.004 fc) at F0.75.

- Advanced Electronic Light Control (ELC) enables the use of inexpensive optional fixed iris lenses.

- ALC function for optional Automatic Iris Lens.

- Built-in Back Light Compensation function

- Wide ambient operating temperature range of -10C to +50C (14F to 122F)

- Both video and timing pulse are supplied through a single coaxial cable.

- CS-mount

- Standard Configuration: Camera Head and Mounting Bracket.

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