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Panasonic WV-CS554 Super Dynamic Color Dome camera with Pan/Tilt/Zoom

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The new WV-CS554 color dome camera is the latest addition to Panasonic’s Super DynamicII line-up. Color camera, zoom lens and Pan-Tilt mechanism are all integrated into a single, compact unit, which fits neatly inside a 110mm (4-5/16") diameter dome housing. Even in harsh lighting, the camera’s 64 times dynamic range produces clear, natural images. While the combination of a 22x zoom lens and 2x electronic zoom provides 44x zoom capability; 480-line horizontal resolution ensures high image quality. Add up to eight pre-set positions. The Patrol Learn function records manual operations. There has never been a camera easier to use. A unique combination of every basic surveillance camera feature with outstanding cost performance makes the WV-CS554 ideal for a wide range of surveillance and security applications.



• Built-in Super DynamicII function [has 64 times wider dynamic range when compared to a conventional camera].

• Compact ๘110mm (๘4-5/16") diameter dome-sized all-in-one color camera, for wide area surveillance applications.

• 480-line horizontal resolution.

• IP52 drip proof environmental structure.

• Min. illumination of 2 lx (0.2 fc).

• Patrol Learn function.

• Auto panning function with 8 preset positions.

• Panning speed of max. 300 degree/s at preset mode.

• 22x optical zoom lens (3.79 - 83.4mm, F1.6).

• 2x linear electronic zoom function.

• Auto focus lens.

• Multiplex-coaxial data communication with Panasonic system products.

• Alphanumeric character display.

• Optical SLIP RING System.

• Optional smoke and mirror type dome covers are available.

• 24V AC, 60Hz power source.


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