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Panasonic WV-CW864A Weather and vandal resistant color dome camera, Day/Night, $1350.00

The new WV-CW864A from Panasonic combines a vandal resistant outdoor housing with 22x zoom capability. This all-in-one color/mono switch-over dome camera is ideal for outdoor applications. 

The WV-CW864 rugged body meets international IP66 standards for dust and moisture resistance, and can be easily installed under eaves or exterior walls. This ultra sensitive camera produces clear color images in lighting as low as 0.5 lx(0.05 fc) or black-and-white images at 0.03 lx(0.003 fc) (both with sensitivity 2x up, AGC high). The WV-CW864 also comes equipped with digital flip capabilities for ease of tracking. Privacy zone masking protects against operator misuse and the general publics rights to privacy. Patrol learn functions and motion detection are only two of 64 pre-set operations, raising surveillance to an unprecedented level. The WV-CW864 is ideal for various applications such as outdoor parking lots, retail sites, parks, hotels and office buildings.

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Key Features

  • IP66 of IEC 60529 standard for all weather proof environmental structure.

  • Unitized all-in-one dome color unit with low-light B/W mode.

  • Switches from selected color mode to B/W mode, automatically or manually for day and night 24-hour surveillance.

  • 570-line at B/W and 480-line at color imaging horizontal resolution.

  • Super sensitivity of 0.5 lx(0.05 fc) in color mode, and 0.03 lx(0.003 fc) in B/W mode (at sensitivity 2x up, AGC high).

  • Built-in Digital-Flip allows immediate automatic 180-degree turn for improved tracking.

  • Privacy zone masking function.

  • Built-in motion detector.

  • Patrol Learn function.

  • Image hold function during panning.

  • 64 camera angle preset positions.

  • Panning speed of max. 300 degree/s at sequential mode.

  • 22x optical zoom lens (3.79 - 83.4mm at F1.6) plus 10x electronic digital zoom for total zoom capacity of 220x.

  • Auto focus lens.

  • Thermostat automatically controls built-in heater and fan functions.

  • Multiplex-coaxial or RS485 data communication.

  • Four (4) alarm inputs and two (2) outputs terminals.

  • 16 alphanumeric character display.

  • Multiplexed Vertical Drive(VD2) sync capability with Panasonic system products.

  • Optional sun shield; WV-7176 is available for application of the avoid the direct rays of the sun.


"B" stock category item (fully functional), with 90 days warranty.

Availability: Usually ships the next business day.